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What is GSM? How to measure the weight of your towels.

What is GSM? How to measure the weight of your towels.

You may notice in most of our product descriptions we tell you about the GSM for each towel. But what is a GSM?

GSM stands for grams-per-square-meter and it’s a measurement of the towel fabric’s weight and density. It’s like thread count for bed linens. The higher the GSM, the thicker and plusher the towel, which means more absorbent and durable. Important, right?

How to tell which GSM is right for you

Some of this comes to personal preference or what job you need your towels to be serving. Here is how the industry classifies the different GSM levels.

300-400 GSM

The most noticeable thing about towels that fall into this range is that they’re much thinner than ones with higher GSM. We wouldn’t recommend towels of this quality for bathing or lounging poolside but can be good for the gym, travel, or even in the kitchen because they dry faster. Our microfiber travel towel actually measures 250 GSM due to it’s super-lightweight and fast drying quality. But beware of traditional cotton towels in this range, they tend to be rougher and less durable after multiple washes.

400-600 GSM

Towels in this range are going to be more of a medium-weight. Many standard bath and beach towels fall into this category. They’re durable, heavier, and absorbent—and increase the higher the measurement goes. Our Turkish beach towel clocks in with 430 GSM—but unlike the standard Turkish towels, we line one side of ours with looped terry cloth to aid in absorption.

600-900 GSM

Here we’re in the luxury area. Towels in this range will classify as premium weight products. They are highly absorbent, soft, and heavy—but as a result may take a bit longer to dry than towels with a lower GSM measurement. Our cabana beach towels have 630 GSM and our Turkish bath towels have 800 GSM, so you’re guaranteed luxury and comfort.

So as you can see, GSM is a pretty important thing to consider when you’re looking to purchase new towels. Keep in mind how you want to use them, how frequently you’ll wash them, and what suits your personal preferences. We’re clearly bias but are over the moon for the high quality, super soft, plush towels. There’s nothing quite like feeling that warmth wrap around you when you step out of the shower, pool, or ocean.