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Spotlight Series: Kristin Reveles 

Spotlight Series: Kristin Reveles 

For this Spotlight Series, we spoke with our friend Kristin Reveles, lifestyle and beauty expert to hear how she spends her summers. 


LBTC: What’s your favorite summer holiday?

KR: Labor day because that's my wedding anniversary, so it always makes that holiday a little more special to me. 

LBTC: What are some of your favorite summertime activities? 

KR: I always love a day at the beach, especially when it's night time and we light a nice bonfire under the stars. 

LBTC: Do you have any summer travel plans?

KR: We actually don't have any summer travel plans this year. They are more like small little staycations around Southern California. You can read about them on the blog

LBTC: What are your summer must haves? 

KR: Mineral sunscreen, a cute beach bag, and of course my LBTC Coral Turkish towel and Ruby Azure Mexican blanket.

LBTC: What’s your favorite LBTC product and why? 

KR: There's so many to choose from, but right now my favorite LBTC product is my Sea Glass Sunrise round beach towel. It's the perfect towel to use on a hot summer beach day.


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