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How to Care for Your Towels

How to Care for Your Towels

Investing in high-quality towels you’d find at a 5-star hotel or spa for your home is a luxury you don’t want to sleep on. And properly caring for them means you’ll have soft, absorbent bath linens with every wash for years to come.

How to wash

  • Wash before use to release the fibers and maximize absorbency. Read the label for care instructions, but here is a general rule of thumb for the initial wash: Add half a cup of white vinegar with half the suggested amount of laundry detergent for your load in a cold or warm water cycle. 
  • Wash your towels by color and separate from your clothing. 
  • Avoid overloading your washer to allow ample space for your towels to move and proper removal of dirt and bacteria. 

Washing machine with a basket and flower pot on top of it.

How to dry

  • Shake your towels out before placing them in the dryer and tumble dry on low. 
  • Substitute dryer sheets and fabric softener with wool dryer balls. 
  • Remove towels as soon as they’re fully dry, ensuring they don’t get overheated, and fold immediately. 

How to store

How to avoid mildew build-up

  • Hang towels between uses.
  • Wash your towels every three to four days. 
  • Rotate between two towels to extend their freshness and longevity. 

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