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Effortless Summer Entertaining

Effortless Summer Entertaining

Sun-filled days are upon us, which means summer entertaining awaits. From impromptu gatherings to dinner parties, we’ve got you covered with tips to host an effortless, yet memorable summer soiree.

  • Stock your pantry with drinks and snacks that you can pull together at a moment’s notice
  • Keep versatile decor on hand (i.e. Mexican blankets, candles, greenery)

Mexican Blanket with champagne and a platter set on it.

  • Choose simple, make-ahead recipes
  • Set the mood with music and strands of lights
  • Create additional seating areas using foldable lawn chairs, picnic blankets, and pillows
  • Keep bugs at bay with lanterns and torches, citronella candles, or DIY fresh lavender bundles

Lavender bundles