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Bathroom Essentials

Bathroom Essentials

With the right bath linens and accessories that are as functional as they are stylish, the bathroom can be an inviting space for both you and your guests. Ahead, a guide to everything from must-have staples to extra niceties to make your bathroom your new favorite escape. 

Bath towels

Choosing the right type of high-quality towel for your needs comes down to size, material, weight, construction, and style. We’re partial to our 100% Turkish and supima cotton towels, which check all the boxes: They’re oversized, highly absorbent, plush, and timeless. Read our blog post on how to care for your bath linens. 

Two light gray cotton bath towels hung on hooks in white farmhouse bathroom.

Bath mat

Like bath towels, there are a plethora of mats in various sizes, fabrics, and colors to choose from. When selecting the ideal mat for your bathroom, consider one that will not only absorb any excess water from reaching your floors, but also coordinate with your decor. 

Bath rug

While a bath rug is not a necessity, it can be an accent that ties all of your bathroom essentials together. Place a small one at the foot of your vanity (or two if you have double sinks) or a long version to anchor the center of the room. 

Countertop accessories

Hand soap and lotion, a toothbrush holder, makeup towels, and a small plant that match your color scheme and aesthetic can instantly elevate your and your guests’ bathroom experience. If you’re lacking space on top of your vanity, mounting a wire basket or shelving will allow you to keep those luxuries out and easily accessible without creating clutter. 

Soft black makeup towel on trendy bathroom countertop.

Bins or baskets

Creating additional storage under the sink, in cabinets, atop shelves, bins and baskets are a great solution to hold extra towels, toilet paper, and toiletries.


It goes without saying that a mirror is a fundamental component of any bathroom. And the size, shape, style, and number of mirrors can change the entire look and feel of your bathroom.