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A Guide to the Best Alcohol Alternatives

A Guide to the Best Alcohol Alternatives

Whether you’re searching for an alcohol-free beverage to enjoy poolside or to complement your brunch menu, there is no shortage of alcohol alternatives to choose from. Mimicking the real deal sans alcohol, these drinks infuse botanicals, herbs, and natural ingredients. From bubbly and spirits to beer and wine, read on for ten of the most popular non-alcoholic varieties on the market.

Tost Sparkling Beverages

Unspiked by Cann Tonics 

 Ghia Aperitifs

A bottle of Ghia Aperitif in front of clouds.

Ritual Spirits

Seedlip Spirits  

Kin Euphorics

A person opening a can of Kin Euphorics.

Athletic Brewing Co. Craft Beers

Lagunitas IPNAs

Surely Wines

Ariel Wines

A bottle of Chardonnay.

Please consult your doctor before consuming any of the products listed.