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12 Wedding Favor Ideas

12 Wedding Favor Ideas

Gone are the days when wedding favors were limited to Jordan almonds. Today, brides and grooms are setting their sights on more unique and creative thank you gifts that their guests can take home and enjoy beyond their momentous day. From favorite foods to season-inspired keepsakes, we’ve curated a list of twelve wedding favor ideas that’ll leave a lasting impression.

 Mexican blankets as wedding favors at farmhouse barn wedding.

Mexican blankets


Small honey jars

Small tea jars

Small jars of tea leaves.

Mini coffee bags and spoons 

Small bottles of olive oil

Bottle of olive oil.

Mini pies 

Gourmet popcorn

Bucket of gourmet popcorn.

Mini succulents

Small cocktail shakers

Small shakers next to a cocktail.

Handmade soaps

Turkish towels

A yellow Turkish Towel laid out.

Cabana beach towels