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Welcoming Yoga Mat Towels to the Laguna Beach Textile Co. Family

Welcoming Yoga Mat Towels to the Laguna Beach Textile Co. Family

We’re head over heels about the latest product to join the Laguna Beach Textile Co. family—the yoga mat towel! These aren’t your typical yoga mat towels either. We’ve designed them to address some of the distractions that can put a wrinkle in your practice.

Minimize odor and maintain freshness

Utilizing PurThread’s innovative, antibacterial technology, these yoga mat towels use recovered Kodak silver—making them sustainable and helping to maintain freshness. So get your sweat on without worrying about taking home any of those unwanted smells.

Prevent towel movement and slips

With pockets on each corner, you can tuck your mat in to minimize movement and shifting while you flow.

Made for a workout

Made of a polyester nylon blend, these towels absorb sweat and stay sturdy during your practice. Toss them in the wash without worrying about giving these towels a good workout too.

Grab yours starting today in sapphire, blush, or powder blue.

Powder blue yoga mat towel by Laguna beach textile Co.