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The latest addition to the Laguna Beach family—the Mexican Blanket

The latest addition to the Laguna Beach family—the Mexican Blanket

We are excited to officially be able to share the newest textile to join the family, the Mexican blanket. A California take on a classic Mexican design, these blankets come in Gray Blush, Rustic Green, and Ruby Azure. Unlike many of the Mexican blankets you see today, these are all woven by artisans in Tlaxcala, Mexico—a region known for crafting these for centuries—and the patterns are custom, so don’t expect to see your neighbor with the twin (unless of course they snag one too!).

So why do we love these blankets so much?

More than just a blanket

Measuring 48” x 70”, these Mexican blankets provide plenty of room for spreading out. We love to use them to host picnics and even as a yoga prop. We also love that these can be used as a colorful addition to your living room or bedroom—they bring a fun pop of pattern to the back of your couch, as a throw blanket on your chair, or at the foot of your bed.

High on durability, high on comfort

Made of a cotton, polyester, and acrylic blend, these blankets provide maximum durability while still maintaining softness. This combination makes them perfect for lounging at the beach, cuddling up on a lazy couch day, or using as a beach bonfire wrap.

But don’t just trust us, give them a try for yourselves. We don’t think you’ll be disappointed!