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Tips for a great day at the beach

Tips for a great day at the beach

It’s getting to be that time of the year when the mercury rises and the beach bags come down off the shelves. So with the summer season on the horizon, we wanted to share some tips on how to make your trips to the beach even better.

Don’t take the beach home with you

If you’re anything like us, however hard you try, you end up carting half the beach home with you. Now we love sand as much as the next person, but at the beach… Not in our bags, shoes, hair, and in our bed (really… how does it get there).

What’s changed our sand stashing habits has been introducing the Turkish towel into the mix. Our Laguna Beach Textile Co. one is extra special—one side is the classic Turkish design with smooth, 100% Turkish cotton and the other is a looped terry cotton, which aids in absorption. The great thing here is that sand doesn’t get stuck in the towel like it does with traditional beach towels. If you want to learn more about Turkish towels, check out this blog post.

Keep your bum dry

Not every trip to the beach means diving into the waves. Especially since early in the summer those waves are pretty chilly. So when you go to the beach, keep everyone dry while lounging on the perfect blanket. Our picnic blankets do just the trick with the top side made of cozy fleece and the bottom a waterproof Oxford fabric. They also come with a stuff sack to keep sand and moisture off your things.

Say goodbye to wet towels

Packing up after a beach day can be a real pain when you’re lugging heavy, wet beach towels back to the car. Not only are they wet but they’re also smelly, sandy, and somehow seem to make everything else the same. For this reason, we’ve really loved the microfiber towel. It’s super thin and fast drying but with 250 GSM (grams per square meter) of cotton, ours are thicker than standard microfiber ones. But even while thicker, it still packs up and dries out faster than most cotton-based towels. Like the picnic blankets, it also comes with a carrying case to keep any residual moisture and sand off other items.

Happy beaching!