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How to create the ultimate spa gift set

How to create the ultimate spa gift set

We all know someone who needs a spa day—a new mom, a burnt-out colleague, or maybe you need a little R&R yourself. And while it’s easy to recognize the need for a day of indulgence and pampering, trying to schedule the time away can be difficult. This is why we highly recommend bringing everything much closer to home.

So, whether you’re trying to give your sister-in-law a much-needed escape or want to feel like you’re in your own private retreat, here’s what to include in the ultimate spa gift set to transform any bathroom into a tranquil getaway.

Get wrapped up

Of course, we believe that high-quality, luxurious towels should be the foundation of any spa gift set. In fact, we have several options to choose from, including:  

 Turkish Towels

Seeing is believing—when your bathroom looks like a 5-star resort, you’ll feel at ease in no time. Our Turkish Towels can help you incorporate those spa-like vibes with their soft hues and rich texture. There are a number of ways to display your Turkish towels in the bathroom—folded over the rungs of a wooden ladder, rolled and stacked on a countertop, or draped over the side of a porcelain tub.


Makeup Towels

Washing away the stresses of the day needs to be a stress-free activity. That’s why our 100% premium Supima makeup towels are soft, long-lasting, and stainless. These plush, perfectly sized towels are a great gift to give.

Supima Cotton Bath Towel Sets

Embrace hotel-style luxury right at home. Extra-absorbent and fluffy, there’s no better way to step out of a nice warm bath than into the comfort of these super plush bath towels

Set the mood

Once you’ve selected the right towels for the core of your spa gift set, you’ll want to add products that will enhance the ambiance of the room. You could include items like a set of beeswax candles, submersible LED lights, or Himalayan salt lamps—any sort of glowing accent that will warm and soothe. You could also include a touch of vibrancy by adding in fresh-cut flowers or a colorful succulent.

Indulge the senses

When selecting items to include in your spa day gift set, you can’t go wrong by relying on your senses. What luxury items would appeal to the senses of taste, touch, smell, and feel? Think chocolates, a bottle of rosé, towel warmers, diffusers, essential oils, bath bombs, and body scrubs. Anything that will pamper and rejuvenate is an absolute must to include.   

One of the best things about building a spa gift set is that the sky's the limit. Don’t be afraid to include other items that you know the recipient will love. The key is to get creative but be sure to center all the items around the theme of rest and relaxation.

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