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5 ways to use our Mexican blankets

5 ways to use our Mexican blankets

The Mexican blanket, also known as sarape or serape, represents an intricate art form with a rich history originating from the city of Saltillo, Mexico. The symbolic artistry and its techniques and designs can be seen in the trade that continues today. At Laguna Beach Textile Company, we’ve partnered with a local family of artisans in Tlaxcala, Mexico, a region where the blankets have been crafted for generations, to honor and preserve the tradition. Together, we’ve created handwoven blankets that harmoniously fuse the traditional Mexican design with our signature classic California style. The result is a soft, yet durable must-have to complement your home and indoor and outdoor activities. With each custom-designed pattern, they’re unique as they are versatile.

Read on for five ways to put your Mexican blanket to good use. 

1. Cozying up

Made of a cotton blend, our Mexican blankets maintain their softness while keeping you warm. Providing just the right amount of warmth no matter the season, they bring added comfort, whether you’re at home, on the go, or away. 

Cozy black and tan Mexican blanket wrapped around a woman on the beach.
2. Decor

Where function meets timeless artistry, our Mexican blankets instantly add color and personality to your bedroom or living room when layered on your bed or sofa. To spruce up your dining table or when dining alfresco, turn your blanket into a tablecloth that is sure to be a conversation piece. Looking to fill a blank wall in your hallway or guest bedroom? Make a statement by using your blanket as an art piece by itself or framed. 

Gray, white and charcoal striped Mexican blanket on a wicker bench.

 3. Working out 

Whether you use it as an alternative to the yoga mat or as a prop in your practice, our Mexican blankets support and elevate your workout. Their thickness and durability aid in flexibility and provide stability for the most challenging poses, while their softness gives extra cushion and ensures comfort for restorative postures. And with our collection of custom patterns and styles, you’re sure to find one (or more) that suits your mood and personality. 

Rustic red and tan Mexican blankets used as a yoga prop.

 4. Outdoor adventures

Come spring and summer, having your Mexican blanket on standby will make your picnics, concerts, campouts, and beach trips that much more enjoyable, not to mention stylish. Versatile and easy to care for, its qualities come together to make the perfect travel companion, whatever the excursion.

Soft yellow and white Mexican blanket used for outdoor camping.

5. Gifting

Gift-giving doesn’t have to be hard when you have Mexican blankets on hand. From classic to bohemian to neutral styles, they’re sure to impress. With their long-lasting durability and enhanced comfort with wear, you can rest assured that they're the gift that keeps on giving.