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Entertaining Pool Games for Your Kids

Entertaining Pool Games for Your Kids

Nothing says a laid back, idyllic summer day than one spent poolside, or better yet, in the water. And what’s a dip in the pool without classic pool games to keep your kids entertained and fun, playful towels to dry off with? Ahead, all the activities and essentials you need for an effortless pool day.

A woman and a child sit together next to a pool.
Pool Games

Marco Polo: Once one player is designated as “it,” he/she, with eyes closed, tries to tag other players when they reply to his call “Marco!” with “Polo!” If a player is tagged, then that player becomes "it.” If whoever is "it" suspects that a player has left the pool, they can shout, "Fish out of water!" and the player who is out of the pool becomes the new "it.”

Cannonball: Each participant performs their best cannonball from the pool deck or a diving board. The one who creates the biggest splash wins.

Chicken Fight: Two players (AKA chickens) sit atop two other players’ shoulders. The “chickens” push, pull, or wrestle to knock the other chicken off its base.

Sharks and Minnows: After identifying a shark, he/she stands in the center of the pool. Everyone else is a minnow and stands in a line facing the shark at one end of the pool. When the shark yells, "Sharks and minnows!" or "Shark attack!" the minnows try to reach the other end of the pool without being tagged by the shark. If the shark tags a minnow, that minnow becomes a shark and joins the shark's team. The game continues until only one minnow remains.

Wishing Well: Players stand side-by-side with their backs to the pool. Once a non-participant throws coins into the water, the players turn around and dive into the pool to catch them before they land at the bottom.

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Pool/Poolside Accessories

Pinwheel Solana Cabana Beach Towel

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Kids’ Goggles