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Customer Showcase Mariana Silva

Customer Showcase Mariana Silva

In our Customer Showcase series, we're thrilled to highlight the stunning spaces curated by individuals who have embraced the cozy elegance of Laguna Beach Textile Co. Today, we're turning the spotlight on the lovely @mariana.monteiro.silva on Instagram, who has masterfully incorporated our textiles into her home. From our versatile blankets to our long-lasting bath towels, Mariana has created a sanctuary of comfort and style. Her keen eye for design and impeccable taste showcase the quality of our products, illustrating how they seamlessly blend into various home aesthetics.

A woman hugging a child wrapped in a tan bath towel.

We're truly honored to be a part of Mariana's beautiful spaces, and we encourage all our customers to share their Laguna Beach Textile Co. stories with us. Your unique touch transforms our textiles into more than just pieces; they become integral elements in the tapestry of your home. Thank you, Mariana, for letting us be a part of your family!

A child sitting on a picnic blanket looking at the ocean.