Our Difference 1

Laguna Beach Textile Co. was founded with the goal of bringing classic California beach style and premium, resort quality to every home and beach—and we take that mission very seriously.

There are four ways we aim to do this.

1. Using Long-Staple, Aegean Cotton 

By using long-staple (instead of short-staple) fibers, our products stay softer and stronger longer.

    2. Higher grams per square meter (GSM) 

    Our bath towel is thicker and softer than the average with 800 GSMs and 2-ply thread (see below) compared to 550-600 GSMs found in most bath towels. This makes our towels the ideal thickness—super soft and absorbent without negatively affecting dry time.

    The cabana towel is also thicker and softer than a typical beach towel with 630 GSMs compared to 250-450 GSMs found in most. So our towels are softer, warmer, and dry you off quickly.

    3. Two-ply, ring spun thread 

    We use two-ply, ring spun yarn that is softer and finer than typical yarn. This makes our towels more durable—lasting through more wash cycles than the typical single-ply thread which is thinner, rougher, and breaks down after multiple washes.

    4. Direct-to-consumer cost savings

    We don’t have a brick-and-mortar store, so all our sales are conducted online. This keeps costs lower so you can enjoy high quality products, without the high price tag.