PopUp Test - Our Story

Laguna beach tidal pool on the coast.

A message from our founder, Danny:

I grew up in Southern California and during college, worked as a cabana boy at a five-star resort in Laguna Beach. Needless to say, I spent a lot of quality time with beach towels—carrying them, rolling them up, rolling them out, and huddling under them when the clouds rolled in (or more likely after long days of California sun).

Years later, on a mission to find good beach towels I quickly realized it wasn’t all that easy. It was either hotel quality at a premium price or towels that shed, don’t dry, or were paper thin. So in 2015 I started Laguna Beach Textile Co. with the goal of bringing classic California beach style and premium, resort quality to every home and beach.  

Founder and CEO, Danny Meurer

The first batch of 600 towels sold out immediately (clearly other people were having a hard time finding great towels as well). Since then, we’ve expanded beyond cabana towels to include a range of outdoor and home textiles—bath towels, Turkish towels, picnic blankets, microfiber travel towels, and Mexican blankets to name a few.

Giving Back

From day one we’ve been focused on giving back and leaving our beaches and environment a better place. We’re proud to donate a portion of our profits to the Rainforest Trust and the Pacific Marine Mammal Center. We also donate excess and returned products to local Southern California animal shelters.