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Why Choose Aegean Cotton Bath Towels?

Why Choose Aegean Cotton Bath Towels?

Why Choose Aegean Cotton Bath Towels?

When shopping around for bath towels, it’s important to find options that offer enough softness and absorbency to make drying off the luxurious experience it deserves to be.

Most towels are made of cotton, rather than 100% synthetic material, because it has a knack for collecting moisture. But, while cotton may be a natural choice for your linen closet, choosing the right cotton towel for your home isn’t always easy. That’s largely because the type and quality of the cotton used in towels varies greatly.

At Laguna Beach Textile Company, we consciously chose Aegean cotton for our bath towels.

Here’s why:

Softer and Stronger

As with most varieties, Aegean cotton is named for its source: it’s grown in the coastal Aegean Region of Turkey. What’s different about the cotton grown in this area is that it has long fibers (or, raw cotton strands) that are especially fluffy and strong. Longer fibers mean smoother, softer threads with less of a chance of splitting and breakage. With washing, Aegean cotton gets even softer over time.

Powerfully Absorbent

Ever dry off in the bathroom, only to feel a layer of frosty moisture hit your skin as soon as you open the door? The plush, long fibers of an Aegean cotton towel can push and absorb moisture from your body, eliminating the risk of those chilly goosebumps.


While Pima and Egyptian cottons are known to be especially absorbent, luxury forms of cotton, they are also known for holding extreme levels of moisture. When moisture hangs on to fabric, it can develop a stale and musky smell. Aegean cotton is different in that it’s very absorbent but still dries quickly. This makes it ideal for warm and humid environments, like the bathroom.

Natural and Luxurious

Synthetic fibers have been known to aggravate sensitive skin, and some types may even contain traces of chemicals that could cause widespread irritation. Aegean cotton is naturally hypoallergenic, making it the perfect option for those who are prone to sensitivities. Cotton is also less likely to produce the dreaded static-cling that synthetic fibers are generally known for.

Sold on Aegean cotton? We think you’d love our towels.