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Simple Tips to Spruce Up Your Home for Spring

Simple Tips to Spruce Up Your Home for Spring

Spring may be synonymous with cleaning, but why not give your interiors a refresh by making simple edits to your home while you’re at it? It is the season of new beginnings after all. Read on for tips to elevate each room that will infuse joy, timeless style, and renewed energy.

Your bedroom:

Add candles, pillows, throw blankets, and/or artwork, and switch out your bedding and window treatments.

A wide angle of a bedroom with a Mexican Blanket draped over a bed.

Your living room:

Add candles, fresh flowers, potted plants, a rug or two (or swap out your existing ones), and/or artwork, and change out lampshades and cushions. You can also try rearranging your furniture.

Your bathroom:

Switch out your linens, update your bath mats and fixtures, bring in floral or citrus hand soaps, paint the cabinets or walls a new color, and/or add baskets or shelves for storage.

A bathroom with two Turkish towels draped over a bathtub and door.

Your kitchen:

Upgrade hardware, transfer dish and hand soaps to glass bottles, and/or bring in fresh seasonal produce (i.e. asparagus, cabbage, lemons, and strawberries).