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Free shipping for orders over $50

Plush Pewter Bath Towel

Made of premium, Aegean Turkish cotton, this Pewter bath towel (one towel) is thicker and softer than typical towels. It is 800 GSM (GSM is a measure of a towel's thickness) compared to 550-600 GSM of most bath towels. Fine, two-ply thread results in a more luxurious feel, and the ideal combination of softness and absorbency.

  • LUXURY: Made from premium Aegean Turkish cotton
  • THICK: 800 GSM compared to ~600 GSM of most bath towels
  • SOFT: Utilizes 20/2, 2-ply thread to provide ideal combination of softness & absorbency
  • TIMELESS, CLASSIC COLOR: Pewter will never go out of style
Bath Towel: 57 in. x 30 in.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

....Gotta say these towels an far more softer an longer than any we had,.Had them for 3 weeks now , wash them daily, so far color holds well, gets softer after couple washes, ;looking to purchase more for the holidays...


No particular comment. Product as described and expected.

Soft and absorbent but fray easily when washed.

Super soft and absorbent. I love the color too, they go great in my bathroom. They do fray easily when washing along the edges though so beware of that.

Love them!

Love, love,love these towels! So absorbent and large. Really a spa size. Color is exactly as pictured.

Solid towel

I have a couple beach towels from LBTC which I like, so I decided to give their bath towels a shot when I was looking for new towels. Overall great quality. It's thick and soft. I cant say I am that knowledgable about towels as I am the guy who uses the same towel until well after it should be used by anybody, but this one is much nicer than most of the bath towels I have had in the past.

UPDATE (3/28/17): I know I said in the beginning of my review that I am not a "towel expert" but honestly this is the best non hotel towel I have ever used. After using this for several months, I have to say that I will never go back to those cheap, thin, tiny old ratty towels that I used to use. Maybe you don't use dumpy little wispy rags like I used to, but this towel is worth this price and WAY MORE. Think about it this way. If this towel lasts me for 1 year, and I shower 2x a day that means it costs me 3 cents per use. $22 is well worth it for a year of AMAZING endings to my showers. I will say this though, seriously, get a drying rack. It has changed my life. I put this bad boy on the drying rack and it is ready to go like 2 hours later. Really changes the game. Bottom line is: This towel is great and everyone should buy it. I'm serious.

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